Global Alliance for Honesty in MedicineThe Global Alliance for Honesty in MedicineLa Alianza Global para la Honestidad en la Medicina

The End of The Fairy Tale of Incurable Diseases

The Global Alliance for Honesty in Medicine is the part of The World Foundation for Natural Science, which points out the hazards of present day medicine and which promotes an honest physician-patient relationship based on medical ethics and Natural Law.

Nowadays physicians are mainly educated by the pharmaceutical industry, which encourages them to combat diseases with their expensive synthetic drugs, unfortunately they all have many side effects. In the USA alone 106’000 people die every year from the side effects of correctly prescribed drugs.

The true task of a physician is to help the patient concentrate on the strengthening of his own immune system, i.e. on sensible prevention, and to apply natural healing methods in case of disease. For, through the four elements nature has supplied us with everything we need and require for healing   

We are mainly concerned with raising people’s awareness regarding the basics of health that are provided for us by nature in form of the four elements.

With our seminars, lectures and through individual counseling we endeavour to make people aware of what health is all about, and help them to gain a better understanding of the natural ways of our bodies and the true reasons for disease. Furthermore, we support them in the strengthening of the natural self-healing powers of their bodies, so that they have no need for synthetic drugs.

In addition, we are constantly watching the medical-pharmaceutical complex, the drug development and the corresponding advertising and fight against any attempts to establish new synthetic and unnatural drugs, therapies or diseases in order to put new drugs on the market. During consultations we provide information on the side effects of synthetic drugs and help people to find treatments which are in accord with the Natural Law.

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